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This was taken/edited by my friend Jeremy Freedberg:

lukes show was dope  peep the bgps!!!


“My work is heavily influenced by youthful nostalgia and emphasizes unrestricted creativity, wonder, and imagination,emulated through the mind of a child. i collage to show the compatibility objects can have when brought to a certain context. while some are created around placement and symmetry, most of my pieces deal with process and abstraction.

I mostly work with older toys and other various 3 dimensional objects that hold nostalgic reference. i then arrange them to canvas abstractly as if i am lost in a stream of consciousness. I do this to capture the very essence of the objects, rather then render them to a 2nd dimensional surface. above all i share the same goal as Baldessari,  to “not make boring art”. -Bryan Peterson. Learn more about the artist here.

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here’s my new tat. goodnight.

i did this .. goodnight.

yo so i been workin with ironxhanger skateblog and  made this for one of their t shirts,  you should go check it out


Thanks to IronxHanger skate blog for postin my work to their blog its pretty rad and you should check it out

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Think Tank Gallery ’s show Dude, Monsters!, a group exhibition curated and arranged by Luke Pelletier and co-curated by Think Tank gallerist Jacob Patterson opened July 12th to a packed crowd of skateboarders, art enthusiasts, and art buyers. We headed down with one of the artist in the show visiting from Perth, Australia Sean Morris for opening night.

designed this beer can for my buddy jeffs up and coming zine its gonna be fuhckin Awesumm!!!!